The Idol Top 12 looks wrong

In Television on March 12, 2010 at 11:17 am

Photo credit: L.A. Times, Idol Tracker

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what we’re stuck with for the next 12 weeks onwards. I am especially surprised to see Andrew Garcia and Paige Miles in this. Looking back at their performances, the judges haven’t really favored them over say, Lily Scott or Alex Lambert – who got the boot. Nevertheless, I am pleased to see Siobhan Magnus and Crystal Bowersox grace the selection. I have never been a fan of Big Mike but he might just win me over, like what Tim Urban did with his version (there has been a lot on the show) of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujiah. I think Aaron Kelly should’ve been the one to go instead of Alex. It’s sad that his talent is always overshadowed by his age. I think he needs a few more life experiences to gain that credibility that is often missing in his ballad performances. I get confused with Lacy Brown and Didi Benami sometimes when I’m not looking at the TV screen. They seriously need to set themselves apart from each other, stat. Lee Dewyze could very much be the next David Cook. Considering how phenomal Cook’s versions of pop hits were, Lee still has to work on that “moment”.

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