Idol Takes on The ‘Stones

In Television on March 16, 2010 at 8:26 pm

The Top 12 American Idol hopefuls have themselves in for a challenge this week: sing a song from none other that rock royalty The Rolling Stones. Will they make the band proud? Or bring us yet another disappointing night?

Considering everyone here is below 30 years old, I doubt any of these people is familiar with the entirety of the band’s long music career. The younger crowd — Aaron Kelly, Katie Stevens — would probably need more guidance. It might still be a challenge for resident rockers Crystal Bowersox, Casey James and Lee DeWyze. The challenge being that a ‘Stones song vocally is all over the place. Mick Jagger was a genius to sing his songs effectively without being the greatest singer in the world. So good luck to people who are here to win a singing competition. Since the band is more of personality and the ‘rock-n-roll’ mentality, what I would suggest any contestant is to just let go, let loose and have fun and, if they can, sound absolutely rockin’ because that is the essence of not only The Rolling Stones, but Rock and Roll.

Let’s see how this plays out.

American Idol is on Tues & Wed, 8/7c on Fox.

To watch it live online, click here.


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