Who rocked the Idol Stage – Top 12 Performances

In Television on March 17, 2010 at 4:24 pm

The performances are done. Some continue to disappoint, some continue to be mediocre and some, oh wow, stunned in a scary way.

1. Siobhan Magnus

The dark glass blower did it again with the appropriate song choice Paint It Black. That high note was wicked and sent chills down my spine. The judges loved it, Simon Cowell particularly, who named it the standout performance of the night. To see the performance, click here.

2. Crystal Bowersox

Crystal’s soulful take on You Can’t Always Get What You Want once again reminded us how she doesn’t need to hit high notes to move an audience. Although some of the judges still had issues with technicality, it was well-received nevertheless. See Crystal here.

3. Didi Benami

She still might have a chance after this performance. For her piece, Didi chose to go dark, jokingly telling Ryan Seacrest that Siobhan was her roommate and that the darkness was rubbing in on her. Her performance of Playing With Fire was her best yet. Hopefully it makes up for forgetting her lyrics in the middle of the song. Watch here.

4. Michael Lynch

I can see that Big Mike can sing, and that he has huge (literally and figuratively) stage presence. I don’t know what’s missing, but I haven’t been a fan just yet. He has to do something as big as him, A-SAP. His version of Miss You made me forget the original one but something tells me I won’t remember this either. The judges were all right with it, but then Simon had to point out that his dancing was ‘corny’. I’d like to see you  try, Mr. Cowell. Watch Mike’s moves here.

5. Katie Stevens

Redeeming herself from bad song choices and not knowing who she is, Katie sang Wild Horses and gets the judges’ thumbs up for the first time in weeks. Kara DioGuardi went on to say it’s ‘never technically perfect’ with her but at least there was a connection that was missing from the last performances.  I pretty much agree. I didn’t like the last note, I thought she could’ve pushed higher to show her range, but that’s just me. Connect with Katie here.

6. Aaron Kelly

This dude reminds me of Chandler Bing from Friends, which is a problem for me because I can’t take him seriously. But for this performance, I did. Singing Angie, he made The ‘Stones current. Another Clay Aiken/David Archuleta in the making, although he still needs a bit of polishing. Since I was robbed of Alex Lambert, he can be my new Alex. Let’s see. Nope, I take that back.

7. Lee DeWyze

He’s beginning to grow on me, I must say. I prefer his grit over Casey James. I had my eyes on Beast of Burden ever since learning that the contestants were doing The Rolling Stones and have been looking forward to hearing it on Idol. I wasn’t disappointed, but I wasn’t ‘wowed’ either. There is a truly precious quality to DeWyze’s vocals. It’s just not there yet. Randy called it a cross between Rob Thomas and Dave Matthews. Agree? See for yourself.

8. Casey James

Casey sang All Over Now, which could very well be the case with Kara’s initial infatuation with the guy. I haven’t seen anything spectacular from Casey James aside from his good looks. Yes, he can sing, but so can Justin Bieber. There, I’ve said it. It’s the only reason why I watched this.

9. Paige Miles

I have to give it up for Paige Miles. Apparently, she had developed a bad case of laryngitis up till this performance of Honky Tonk Women. The judges went easy on her, congratulating her on still sounding great and using the stage – which she did. Of course Simon said she could do better. See Paige here.

10. Lacey Brown

The biggest (and not the first) disappointment of the night goes to Lacey Brown. Lacey, who sang Ruby Tuesday, sounded too much like a mellow Cyndi Lauper trying to make a comeback. I agree with Simon’s comment: “You perform like an actress”. I mean, why the affinity to slow, boring songs? Ellen DeGeneres wittingly added “You like to sit on the edge of things, don’t sit in the Grand Canyon”. You think anything’s different here from the past weeks?

11. Andrew Garcia

Andrew had the curse of hitting it big during Hollywood week when he sang an acoustic version of Paula Abdul’s Straight Up. Everything just went downhill from there. I got pretty tired of waiting and I guess he did, too. Singing Gimme Shelter without the guitar or weird arrangements, I realized he doesn’t even have an amazing voice. I’m afraid he’s in this competition out of a moment’s streak of genius. Think he’s still deserves to be in Top 12 after this?

12. Tim Urban

Although Randy Jackson didn’t like it and Ellen thought it sounded weird, I liked Tim Urban’s reggae version of Under My Thumb. I know he’s not as good as Alex Lambert, his pseudo-twin courtesy of the mullet. The dude’s trying his best, but he just doesn’t have enough voice and maybe not the right talent and unfortunately he’s the mullet that gets more votes. He somehow knows he’s not as good as his peers and knows what he can and cannot do. When asked why he changed up the song, Tim said “I figured if I’m gonna play a Rolling Stones song, I’m not gonna try to sound like the Rolling Stones because I can’t“. Well said there, buddy.


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