My Top 5 Teen Movies – Boys

In Film on March 19, 2010 at 12:51 am

This time it’s for the boys.

1. American Pie


This 1999 comedy  hit (later on producing two sequels) about four boys desperately trying to lose their virginity on prom night has made a mark in movie history. It also pioneered the rise of the teen flicks that soon followed, although never matching the impact among young movie goers. Most importantly, it launched the careers of actors Jason Biggs, Chris Klein and Alyson Hannigan. Oh, and it gave us the definition of the ‘band camp’ accent and not to mention the unforgettable ‘pie’ scene.

2. Dude, Where’s My Car?


If for nothing else but sheer, genuine stupidity, this film is worth a look. Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott perfected playing the idiotic duo in this 2000 sci-fi comedy. This movie introduced us to Kutcher and his antics that carried him on to his acting career as the male equivalent of a dumb blonde – wait, he is one. Somewhere in the scenes is Jennifer Garner, the same one who was on Alias and Elektra. The biggest accomplishment this film should boast is that the word dude was used 128 times. Sweet!

3. Superbad


Another boys-trying-to-get-laid teen comedy had a makeover, cast Jonah Hill and Michael Cera, had a better script, and it was Superbad. The film went straight to box office hit status and gained wide acceptance from the viewing public and movie critics. What I found singularly unique about this film is believability and Jonah Hill’s painfully accurate portrayal. It didn’t look like he was acting at all. I’ve never appreciated such unattractive protagonists as much as these two.

4. Almost Famous


This semi-autobiographical film by Cameron Crowe takes us back to 1973 with a 15-year-old boy writing for Rolling Stone magazine and following a band across the country. The film received four Oscar nominations, and one win for Best Screenplay. Its stellar cast, brilliant writing and its relevance to the real 1970’s rock scene is enough to make this a classic must-have. Not having been born at this time, it gave me an appreciation for the pioneers of the music we now so casually call rock.

5. Coach Carter


In the 2005 drama, Samuel L. Jackson plays a basketball coach who had one rule to his players  – maintain above average grades to stay on the team. For people whose only way to a better life is being an athlete, this film challenges that with the idea of having more than what you’re worth. What I like about it is the statement that it made for schools keeping their MVPs just to win interstate championships. The movie gets its message across, with enough humor and playfulness between the drama. It is a moving story about the triumph of a team in the court, and outside it.


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