Worst Idol Night Ever?

In Television on March 25, 2010 at 12:01 am

Just when you thought things could get better, it doesn’t.

Pardon my misinformation for blogging that Tuesday Night’s performance will be Teen Idol songs. Will remember to have better sources from now on forward (or pay more attention). Moving on, the producers decided to give more freedom on song choices for the contestants by having Billboard #1s as the night’s theme. Seeing how it turned out, I’m thinking maybe Teen Idols may have been a better idea. The judges were the first to show their disappointment and sincere frustration up front. Even the amiable Randy Jackson was flat out blunt. And let’s not mention Simon Cowell, shall we? It’s good to have Miley Cyrus as comical relief. It would’ve made connection with the initial Teen Idol theme, but the show played it out that she’s there because she had a few Billboard hits. Really?

From horrific song choices, to ‘pitchiness’ and corny knee-sliding, the criticisms were enough to last the next week’s performances. Even the reliable and consistent Siobhan Magnus wasn’t spared from Simon’s broken-record advice that nobody ever seems to get.With that in mind, let’s thank these hopefuls for salvaging a night drowning under uninspired waters.

Thank God for Crystal Bowersox. Loosening up and looking more open to her audience, she let go of her amazing chops to Janis Joplin’s Me and Bobby McGee. I’m not familiar with the song, but that’s what a good contestant does – making you listen to a song you don’t know and you liking it or even just to take an interest to something you wouldn’t normally listen to. That, to me, is one of the (few) beauties of the show.

There were other average performances that did not entirely render the show useless: Lee DeWyze managed to hold his swagger singing The Letter by The Box Tops although it was painfully too old-fashioned for his rough rocker vocals. Aaron Kelly did well for someone who chose Aerosmith’s I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing and with tonsilitis, which gave him mercy from the judges. Paige Miles, on the other hand, sounded better when she was sick last week. The judges made no pretenses about their dismay in her version of Against All Odds. Also worth a mention is Katie Stevens who sang Fergie’s Big Girls Don’t Cry – getting props from Randy for ‘listenin’’ but balanced with Kara’s consistent comment on ‘mad pitch issues’. What I liked about seeing Katie sing this is she looked more like an artist and not someone who sings for family parties. Siobhan Magnus particularly looked great in

this week’s performance, and she was good vocally. It was just weird to see her not dance more. I mean, it’s Stevie Wonder’s Superstitious, what could be more danceable? Maybe it was the fact that she needed to hit that high note – which also bothered me because it’s  getting a bit predictable and overdone. You can relax, Siobhan, people might still like you even without the screaming. I totally agree with Simon saying Didi Benami has taken Lacey Brown’s place, with the overly dramatic antics. Having said that, she would have done better with a big country song like Carrie Underwood’s Last Nameit would’ve been perfect since Ryan Seacrest mispronounced hers before the performance.

This group might just be the most underwhelming performers to date. Here’s to hoping the worst is over, and the best might have the chance to surface. Though I wouldn’t keep my hopes up, I’d want to keep my standards exactly as they are – up there where Taylor Hicks and Bo Bice are missed terribly.


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