Top 10 Underrated Movie Kisses

In Film on March 28, 2010 at 10:56 pm

From someone who finds on-screen kisses a bit overrated.

1. Good Will Hunting

Why do men always have to make the first move? Skylar (Minnie Driver) is a college student on a date with genius Will Hunting (Matt Damon) and wants to understand how he can easily  study and ‘remember’ things. Thoroughly impressed, you’ll see what happens next.

2. Reality Bites

The tension, the awkwardness, the beauty of crossing the lines between friendship and love. Troy (Ethan Hawke) gives his friend Laleina (Winona Ryder) more than comfort and confesses his love.

3. 10 Things I Hate About You (Film)

They had to throw in some cheese while having lots of fun – and paint. Don’t you wish the first kiss was that easy to get out of the way? Escaping detention from their high school, Patrick (Heath Ledger) and Kat (Julia Stiles) goes for an afternoon of paintball and a bit of romance.

4. The Wedding Singer

A demonstration of ‘church tongue’ courtesy of the adorable Drew Barrymore and equally cute Adam Sandler. Sandler does a ‘stand-in’ for the groom while Barrymore explains what her wedding kiss should be like.

5. Cold Mountain

If your man is going to war and you haven’t even kissed him yet, the first kiss should last him until he comes home or dies trying.

6. Love Actually

A classic scene for unrequited love. Bittersweet and witty, Juliet (Keira Knightley) gets a visit from her husband’s best friend Marc (Andrew Lincoln) – confessing his love without saying a thing.

7. Wicker Park

Lisa (Diane Kruger) is finally reunited with Matthew (Josh Hartnett), who has been obsessed in trying to find her after she disappeared two years ago. It’s so cruel that the climax is also the ending.

8. Cruel Intentions

Sebastian (Ryan Philippe) falls for his ‘conquest’ Annette (Reese Witherspoon), inspiring the one-liners in this scene.

9. Made of Honor

Tom (Patrick Dempsey) kisses his best friend Hannah (Michelle Monaghan) days before she gets married. He made his point pretty clearly.

10. Serendipity

Fate is a very hard theory to prove. Until this film gave it an appealing thought. Sarah (Kate Beckinsale) and John (John Cusack) re-introduce themselves at the end of the film.


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