Great Idol Moments – Top 10 Performances

In Television on April 1, 2010 at 5:48 pm

Some of the most interesting things happened on this interesting night.

A lot of things are missing from this season’s contenders, but drama is not one of them. People keep on wondering “What the hell is wrong with Idol this year?”, but I think I’ve made the decision to get over that and just enjoy these people and their journey, be it successful or not. Here’s a list of probably the greatest Idol moments that happened during the Top 10 Performance Tuesday night.

1. Self-Belief and Lee DeWyze. The basic personality of a winning Idol contestant is belief. Lee DeWyze became a classic example of someone rising from his own doubts and insecurities and revealing his true self. It was the first time I heard Simon Cowell talk about a ‘life-changing’ moment like he was Dr. Phil. Great performance, even greater personal triumph.


2. Love behind the Idol stage. I could not believe it when I saw it, but it might have happened. Didi Benami and Ryan Seacrest shared an “a-ha!” moment on stage. Could it be the first case of forbidden Idol love? Didi, bless her heart, behaved like a true lady. Seacrest, on the other hand, behaved like a nosy one. If a girl doesn’t want to tell everyone about you, then don’t push it.


3. The Rise and Fall. Andrew Garcia is back and Siobhan Magnus falls. Which was more surprising, I couldn’t say. It was the first time I saw Siobhan upset to the point of crying. Hopefully she gets her groove back on and not let the pressure get to her. I think Andrew can give her advice on that. Andrew on the other hand probably revived his and Chris Brown’s music career.



4. Excessive Happiness. Tim Urban can sing – he just doesn’t know what to sing. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s look at his attitude. Someone needs to find out what Tim is on. It’s good to see he doesn’t let the judges ruin his mood, but isn’t smiling and laughing at every serious critique seem a little too much? Even when Simon was being blatantly sarcastic, it seemed like a good-natured joke to him. Good news: It eases the tension during the show. Bad news: It makes the judges feel they’re not taken seriously.


5. Taking Chances. It worked for Big Mike but Crystal was another story. Crystal Bowersox looked nice and pretty when she performed. There’s just one problem: she didn’t look like herself. This is what happens when you allow a show like Idol to define who you are through shoes and clothes. You may think you’re still the same person inside, but people can only see what’s outside. The performance was great, but the makeover sadly was distracting and totally unnecessary. Who needs stilettos when you have that voice?


6. Most Confusing Advice Ever. Listening to five judges who can’t seem to agree with each other can severely damage a music career. Poor Katie Stevens – she’s been in this rollercoaster ride while the judges fight over what kind of singer she should be. But then if she knew what she was, they probably won’t be arguing at all.  Aaron Kelly, on the other hand, is getting there but always falls a little too short. It’s so sad to see someone with so much talent get this close to a moment, but then lose it in a second.



7. The Hottest Male Singer Ever. Casey James is the ideal Idol package – good looks, a musical style, great personality and a wide female appeal. Oh, and he can sing.


8. The Funniest Judge Ever. Ellen DeGeneres can make you laugh while she’s delivering bad news, doesn’t take herself too seriously(ehem, Simon Cowell), and generally is just a nice person. She is funny without being silly (ehem, Paula Abdul) and makes concrete explanations through her analogies that people at home can relate to.


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