Idol Top 7 Gives Back, Takes Away Tim

In Television on April 24, 2010 at 3:15 pm


The need for making audiences feel better about their lives projected itself on television in the form of “Idol Gives Back” – the yearly fund-raising project backed by celebrities and artists who care enough to participate.

The Idol Top 7, on the other hand, struggled to sound “inspirational” as their mentor Alicia Keys offered good advice – both as a performer and as an artist. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to translate on stage – with a very few exceptions.


Crystal Bowersox performed without an instrument (other than her amazing voice) for the first time on the show. And it was brilliant. Pure talent. The fact that she got emotional towards the end only proved how she is not at all detached from any human emotion, as what others have perceived her to be. If she ever did thought of leaving the show, it would have left people with nothing to look forward to.


Lee DeWyze probably picked the best song to relate to and it did him wonders. He sounded like a real artist without any of the awkwardness that he had with his earlier performances.

The prediction of the Bowersox/DeWyze Top 2 may very well be under way based solely on Tuesday night’s performances. But then again, as I’ve learned so many times on this show, anything can happen – which translates to America being asinine.

On Results night, the Top 7 took a backseat as images of death, sickness and poverty flashed on the glamorous Idol screen, punctuated by performances of artists like Black Eyed Peas and Annie Lennox. It didn’t do well with Tim Urban’s departure, seeing his situation cannot be comparable to a child dying of malaria. The contrast of the whole thing is too awful to be funny.

So on with the Top 6 next week. Without all the hype, I hope.


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