Idol’s Top 3 – Who’s in it to win it?

In Television on May 14, 2010 at 9:34 am

The artists-in-the making face the last 2 weeks of Idol

After an uneventful Sinatra night and a duet-driven Movie night, American Idol comes to its close with the Top 3 contenders of this season. Idol bloggers have predicted a DeWyze-Bowersox partnership to continue way beyond their stellar duet and into the Top 2. From a strictly objective point of view, Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze are in a sense more defined as artists, whereas Casey James has proven himself to be a wicked guitarist more than anything else. James had the misfortune of being the resident hunk of the season, that now he has to prove he’s got more than the looks and amazing guitar-playing skills. Unfortunately, it might be too late. James did have a few moments in the Idol stage and with the help of (probably) his cougar fan base, he has managed to stay this long in the lineup. But with Crystal and Lee on that lineup, his luck just might run out.

Now for Lee and Crystal. The thing with Idol is that you are not only going to look at the quality of the contestant but also anticipate how American viewers would vote. Because, after all, it all comes down to the votes, which reminds me of the Presidential elections. We can analyze all we can, weigh the pros and cons, but when the day comes, we all get a bit disappointed with the results. Why? Because Idol is not about who’s better, it’s about who got most votes. For once, this season, whoever wins (with the exception of Casey) would be acceptable – at least for me. I like Crystal, but I also like Lee. I think both of them are going to be great artists who know who they are and have enough courage to push for what they want. But when it comes to being the underdog (and I always go for the underdog), Lee takes the label. Unlike Crystal, Lee started with so much doubt and distrust in himself, it shows in his eyes. It even shows in how he bets with other contestants that he’s going home. Weeks later, he shows up on stage singing Shania and Sinatra with such swagger that he almost looks like another person entirely.

With Crystal, the artistry is just on another level. More than that, she has the wisdom of a seasoned performer and the courage of someone who won’t have it any other way but hers. From her dainty microphone stand and little carpet, to the big sunflower tattoo on her back. She is as authentic as it gets, with a few blunders on performances when she totally lost her true self in the attempt of proving she can do it all. And she can do it all, but not as great as when she’s herself.

If Crystal wins, it will be a great story of triumph, of doing it for love. If Lee wins, it will be a great story of belief, of doing it for yourself. Either way, it’s still going to be a great story.


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