Goodbye, Simon; Hello, Lee

In Television on May 28, 2010 at 9:27 am

For American Idol finales, it’s usually about revealing who wins the whole thing. This season, it was more than that. The two-hour special was a healthy mix of has-been 70’s, 80’s and 90’s hit makers like The Bee Gees, Alice Cooper, Hall and Oates, Michael McDonald, Alanis Morissette, Christina Aguilera and Janet Jackson, and then there were skits and videos for judge Simon Cowell’s departure from the show. The accolades went on for a good hour and forty-five minutes, leaving the last fifteen minutes for Ryan Seacrest to declare Season 9’s American Idol.

The other intention of the show was to bid farewell to Cowell who will be leaving the show, and will be back next year with Fox to work on his new venture, X-Factor. Songs were sung (Dane Cook) and speeches were delivered (Paula Abdul), but no tears came out of it – from Simon, anyway. Although he did hug Seacrest on stage and said he was very ’emotional’.

Then the results: 24-year-old paint salesman from Mount Prospect, Illinois Lee DeWyze takes the win. The initially awkward and shy performer could only say “Oh My God” so many times. At the start of the season, runner-up Crystal Bowersox was always sighted to win the competition, but I bet no one considered Lee. The results had only a 2% difference, a telling sign that voters were almost equally divided between the two contenders. And it’s a good sign. Vocally, Crystal has the edge, but I think Lee’s personal victory of conquering his doubts and being a huge improvement gave him more edge on winning fans. For the first time, America liked the underdog. Crystal, on the other hand admitted that she “knew Lee was going to win. I just had a feeling and I couldn’t be happier for him. Lee deserves every minute of this.

So that’s a wrap for Idol this year. Here’s to hoping for a better, if not a fantastic, Season 10.


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