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Music Review: The Sellout by Macy Gray

In Music, People on July 22, 2010 at 12:07 am

A subtle comeback for an old favorite.

I don’t find Macy Gray’s new album as good as her earlier works. In fact, I can only name a few tracks that have strong mass appeal enough for it to chart in any musical list. Her new album The Sellout released recently will not duplicate singles like “I Try” or “Still”, which put initially put her on R&B’s list of most valuable talents.

The album is too unlike the quirky, loud and moody Macy Gray I first knew. It’s a bit on the sad side, with a few exceptions of standard upbeat numbers (and even those aren’t really that uplifting). So naturally, I liked it. Maybe it’s the long hiatus that made me miss her so much that I settled with whatever she had to offer. That she sold out at this time in her life is very unlikely. It’s only when I listened to all her songs that I realized the meaning behind the title. That somewhere along the line, maybe a while back in her life, she traded love to follow her dreams, and now she is trying to get that love back. The lyrics are evident of that much. Fortunately, she sings about “Real Love” with Bobby Brown, which made me miss the 90’s more. A little collaboration with Velvet Revolver for the track “Kiss It” also threw in the rock vibe for good measure. Nothing absolutely stunning there, just another track in another album for Miss Macy.

The Sellout may have been made a little too late for Gray, as the emotional tone of the record suggests. It’s a bit washed out and melancholic – a sign that inspiration passed her by and she only remembered about it just now. Still, anything other than Lady Gaga is a welcome delight to my ears.

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